Physical Security Solutions optimised for Data Centre operations

ICTS - People you can trust.

Good service and effective security service begins and ends with the people who provide it.  ICTS is an award-winning security personnel provider, specialising in high-risk environments with little tolerance for operational disruptions. We place highly trained, motivated teams under direct professional management, using streamlined processes and performance-enhancing technologies.

ICTS Europe has safeguarded data access, its movement and storage for more than thirty years. During recent years, the increasing complexity and frequency of attacks and security alerts linked with physical systems and infrastructure coupled with rising costs of insider-threats have given data centre operators justifiable causes for concern. 

To reinforce protection and increase resilience, ICTS adopts a proactive and transparent approach to managing physical security and real-time continual-efficacy-monitoring.  We configure physical security solutions to meet each data centre's unique 'one-business' needs and meticulously integrate them with other DC-systems.

If you would like to discuss your security requirements or have any questions for us, a security professional will help you get the most from your physical security services.