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1 October 2023 marked the start of a brand-new contract for CTSN at Rotterdam The Hague Airport.


CTSN wins tender for provision of security services at Rotterdam The Hague Airport

CTSN is responsible for providing a complete airport security solution which includes perimeter security, CCTV, surveillance, access control, passenger and staff screening, and hold baggage screening.

“This new contract, which follows a competitive tender process, is a significant achievement for CTSN. We look forward to demonstrating our capabilities and commitment to providing high-quality security services and an enhanced experience for passengers.  

I am extremely proud of our CTSN team who has worked hard to ensure a smooth and successful transition of services from the previous contractor. We welcome our new colleagues to CTSN and wish our new team at Rotterdam The Hague Airport continued success as we embark on this new partnership”, said Mart Vergouwen, General Manager, CTSN Group. 

“After a lengthy and complex transition process, CTSN has had a successful start on 1 October. Rotterdam The Hague Airport is looking forward to a successful partnership with CTSN in the years to come and to the continuation of a safe operation of the airport for our passengers, employees and assets”, said Mark Visser, Director Airport Operations, Rotterdam The Hague Airport. 

Rotterdam The Hague Airport is the third largest airport in The Netherlands in terms of passenger numbers (circa 2 million per annum).  

CTSN Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of ICTS Europe, was founded in 2003. CTSN has been working at Schiphol Airport since 2010, gaining experience in providing high-quality security services to the Airport and its customers. 


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