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On December 19, ICTS France started to provide security services to Ryanair’s bi-weekly flights departing from Paris-Beauvais Airport to Eilat-Ramont Airport, Israel.


ICTS France starts providing services to Ryanair at Paris Beauvais airport

 ICTS is responsible for provision of enhanced security services at the check-in and the gate and aircraft protection. ICTS France already supplies similar services to Ryanair flights departing from Marseille Airport to Tel Aviv since October 2019. 

In addition, Ryanair reached out to ICTS France with a last-minute request to support the airline with security services for its bi-weekly direct flights to Amman, Jordan. Within 5 days, ICTS France managed to prepare and set up the entire operation. ICTS also provides enhanced security services for this destination. The short and intensive preparation period was well appreciated by the management of Ryanair. The Regional Manager of France, Ryanair, expressed his gratitude by saying “Thank you all for the responsiveness and professionalism”. 

“It is the first time that we provide services from Paris-Beauvais Airport. We have been working in close partnership with Paris-Beauvais Airport Authority to provide security services to Ryanair flights. A major thank you to the Beauvais Airport Authorities for their cooperation, full back-up, and trust during the set-up of the operation. 

Also, a big thank you to the ICTS CDG Aviation Director and his team, for their full engagement, making the necessary arrangements on such short notice”, said Amir Weisblat, Commercial Manager, ICTS France.  


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