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In honour of King Charles III’s Coronation and Official Birthday, the British Consulate in Frankfurt invited dignitaries and organisations to a celebratory event on 27 June 2023.


ICTS joins the celebrations of King Charles at Frankfurt

Our Operations Manager - ICTS Deutschland, Mesut Mujedini, was in attendance, representing the ICTS Europe Group.

“I was delighted and very honoured to have been invited to such a special event”, said Mesut Mujedini. “It was a great opportunity to meet many people, including members of the diplomatic community - the Consuls General of Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Montenegro, and Government representatives. It was pleasing to hear that many of the guests were familiar with ICTS Deutschland and ATSG Airport Terminal Solutions GmbH, and our expertise”, added Mesut Mujedini.

ICTS Deutschland, founded in 1988 and a wholly-owned subsidiary of ICTS Europe, is a provider of aviation security services working for a number of airlines, airport operators, Government entities as well as the European Space Agency (ESA). 

ICTS Deutschland operates across six airports across Germany and offers a range of security services including passenger screening, hold baggage screening (HBS), aircraft search and guarding, as well as catering and cargo security services.

ATSG, a fully-owned subsidiary of ICTS Deutschland established in 2019, provides aviation specialised services that are provided at Munich and Frankfurt Airports to various airlines.


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