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Delta Air Lines has re-awarded ICTS Europe a pan-European contract for the provision of enhanced aviation security services at 26 airports across 15 countries in Europe.


Over thirty years of partnership between Delta Air Lines and ICTS Europe

“We are delighted to be recognised once again as the preferred security provider by Delta Air Lines. This outstanding achievement is testament to our performance, the dedication of our teams and our drive for innovation. In particular, the APM FLEX pre-screening method has been recently introduced at several European locations.

This success confirms the ICTS Europe Group’s position as the main provider of enhanced aviation security services to the US carriers in Europe”, said Ronen Remetz, Executive Vice President, of ICTS Europe.

APM Flex is a combination of behaviour observation, passenger pre-screening specialised technique, and enhanced specific technology. This solution is due to be introduced across Europe throughout this year.

“In ICTS we have a partner which, over many years of collaboration, has developed a deep understanding of our operations. Innovation, customer-centricity, and a forward-thinking mindset are fundamental qualities which support secure and efficient operations and enhance customer service. ICTS’ qualities and commitment have proven them to be a valued service provider with whom we are delighted to further extend our partnership”, said Christine Marchand Pardo, Managing Director EMEAI Airport Customer Service, Delta Air Lines.

For 2023, Delta has expanded its transatlantic services with the re-introduction of seasonal services and the launch of new destinations, among them, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Geneva, and London Gatwick. The airline will be adding approximately 6,000 flights to its existing routes.

As a Group, ICTS has provided services to Delta Air Lines since 1992.


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