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Celebrating World Environment Day 🌍💚

This World Environment Day 2024, we celebrate the invaluable work of our subsidiaries in protecting the environment. We recognize our impact and commit to doing more — embracing the role of security as keepers of sustainability to strengthen resilience, not only in organisations but the planet as whole. Through sustainable practices, campaigns, and promoting environmental awareness, our teams are making a positive impact. Today, we honour their commitment as we strive together for a greener, more sustainable future.

Striving for a greener more sustainable future - our highlights.

ICTS UK donated 24 trees to the UK’s National Trust, highlighting our commitment to sustainable development and environmental conservation. This initiative underscores our dedication to combating deforestation and climate change, reflecting our ongoing efforts in environmental stewardship. Together with the National Trust, we aim to make a positive impact and inspire others to protect our planet for future generations.

Planting Trees for Earth Day in the UK

CTSN launched a project to enhance business growth and employee development, focusing on five core values. Each trained employee will have a tree planted in The Netherlands or abroad, supporting reforestation projects. After planting 200 trees in 2023, CTSN aims to plant 800 by the end of 2024, demonstrating how businesses can merge personal and professional growth with environmental consciousness.

Planting a tree for each employee who completes their training, in the Netherlands.

On April 24th, ICTS Cyprus and Robinson Hotel teamed up for a successful beach clean-up, initiated by Robinson Hotel. This collaboration highlighted ICTS Cyprus's commitment to environmental conservation and corporate responsibility. Special thanks to Robinson Hotel for their coordination and to all participants for their hard work towards a cleaner environment!

Beach clean-up in Cyprus

ICTS Greece partnered with We4All to clean the beach of Freatida. We4All, a non-profit environmental and humanitarian organization, was founded in 2018 in response to the devastating wildfires in Greece. Their mission is to protect and restore the environment, and they have been instrumental in various ecological projects since their inception. ICTS Greece is proud to support We4All's invaluable work, contributing to their efforts in creating a cleaner and more sustainable future for our communities.

Beach clean-up in Greece

Guidance on minimising environmental impact for Earth Day.

Our subsidiaries have:

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