ICTS: Coaching Program to top company executives

30 October 2018

The successful presence of ICTS in the Cypriot market is not accidental. It is based on its philosophy, its modus operandi, its history and especially its people.


Two members of the ICTS European Network, Mr. Enno Geissler from ICTS Switzerland and the Quality and Training Department of the Group, and Mr. Pascal Charrier from ICTS FRANCE, came to the Paphos and Larnaca airports in Cyprus as part of the guidance program for all ICTS operating staff in Cyprus, a program which included security directors, watchkeepers and security supervisors.


The mentoring program lasted four days and was carried out with the necessary input of ICTS Chief Executive Officer Mr. Panayiotis Fistedis in Cyprus. The aim of the program was to improve overall management skills, communication skills and conflict resolution strategies. Additionally, it focused on raising awareness about the latest international standards.


Its experience and access points and the fact that it is a European security giant give ICTS strategic advantages. But what really makes ICTS unique is the consistency with which it meets its obligations, the responsibility with which it does its job and the respect it shows for its people.


Our vision is one of consistency, with unparalleled dynamic growth and with man always at the forefront of our mission. Our vision is to transmit our core values ​​and beliefs to our collaborators by cultivating both corporate culture and team spirit.