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If you're serious about Cyber Security, you need Cyber Security Awareness. Our service will tick your compliance boxes, help with cyber insurance, and prove to suppliers that your business takes security seriously.

On top of this we also go a lot further by making a difference and stopping employees from causing security incidents. Professional security awareness training, suitable for all employees and available in multiple languages. Without adding to your time or workloads, we educate your employees and keep them vigilant.


CWARE – Cyber Security Awareness Training

Your employees are the most critical component of cyber resilience and risk reduction - fostering knowledge of cybersecurity is critical.  Our cyber security module looks at the prominent trends in cyber crime and educates your employees on how to behave responsibility online, so that they can be vigilant at all times.

This module covers the basic principles of awareness to the risks of cyber security and to protect oneself against these risks. It is specifically designed for airport employees with examples and case studies of attempted and successful cyber-attacks on civil aviation targets. The module is intended for non-IT staff and can be deployed as a training solution for all employees.

GSAT – General Security Awareness Training

Designed for all employees within a business, this module covers the basic principles of security awareness in their environment, in addition to laws and duties required under UK & EU regulations.  It includes:

  • Introduction to the threat within their areas of operation

  • Security zones

  • Access control

  • Alert levels

  • Suspicious signs

  • And more…

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