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Leveraging the unmatched expertise of ICTS Europe’s security experts with more than 40 years of operational experience, and industry-leading best-practices, we provide airline and airports with an array of professional service solutions designed to mitigate risk, enhance resilience, and ensure their business continuity.


Spanning four decades of service dedication

Security Risk Assessment and Prevention

Risk is constantly evolving in today’s global aviation landscape. Understanding and distilling risk to its most relevant impact, and acting to minimize that impact, is crucial to your business continuity.

ICTS’ Risk Assessment Services combine risk and threat assessment, prevention, and investigative practices developed over more than four decades with the extensive experience and knowledge of industry-leading security experts into a centralised practice with strategic focus on reducing risk. 

Our team of experts will work with you to determine where and when risk is most likely to turn into threat and the most effective means to combat threat, to ensure better risk management outcomes.

Security Auditing

A comprehensive security audit by our Product Quality Control & Training Departmentp can make all the difference. We have the expertise to help you identify gaps in your current security measures and create an action plan to improve your physical and terminal security.

Emphasis is placed on operating a multi-tier and comprehensive auditing system, so as to maintain current information on the effectiveness of your operations and ensure compliance with both national security legislation and internationally recognised ISO standards.

Crisis Management

ICTS Europe’s security experts are well-versed in providing advice and support in the heat of a crisis as well as before a crisis strikes, helping you to be better prepared to deal with all the problems you may face when a critical incident threatens your operations. We offer a complete solution that comprises training, planning, response and recovery services including:

  • Crisis response for all scenarios

  • Crisis management planning

  • Crisis communications planning

  • Business continuity planning

  • Contingency planning (including evacuation)

  • Crisis management training

  • Crisis simulation exercises

  • Crisis communications training

Design of Security Solutions

ICTS Europe offers a complete project management service for the designing of security solutions. From the initial phase of planning and design, through to budgeting and implementation, we support our airport and airline clients throughout the life cycle of the project.

Our security consultants are highly qualified and have the advanced skills and experience required to provide advice and guidance. They will evaluate the financial, operational, and contractual aspects of any project to ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Whatever the requirements, our clients can be certain they will obtain an efficient, cost-effective solution that best meets their needs.

Security Training

ICTS Europe delivers a wide range of training programs for our own staff, for our clients and for individuals wishing to obtain security qualifications. Training programs cover all security positions and all levels of expertise.

Our Product Quality Control and Training Department is able to assess individual client training requirements.  Specially tailored packages are designed to complement and easily integrate into existing programs, offering a bespoke, relevant and practical approach to learning.

Our technological subsidiary has been responsible for the design of a computer-based training platform called Eagle. Eagle supports a wide range of security training programs, including X-Ray screening and General Security Awareness (GSAT). Clients from a variety of sectors, such as government, airlines, airports, etc., have turned to us for their training.

Our trainers are appropriately certified within their own fields and are fully qualified in accordance with national standards. All have been selected for their teaching ability and their practical experience in the security industry. Each subsidiary maintains its own training centre(s).

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