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We bring together world-leading cloud technology, powerful AI and analytics with fully owned and accredited control rooms and disaster recovery centres to deliver unrivalled visibility and incident response services, anytime, anywhere.


A comprehensive, secure, and fully audited solution

Maintaining a physical presence and on-site security is costly – you can reduce these costs by up to 80% with one of our remote concierge solutions. 

We work with installers and site equipment to deliver a comprehensive, secure, and fully audited solution. Our licensed operators can remotely manage, monitor verify visitors at your premises from our NSI Gold approved Centre. Remote concierge services include:

  • Remote Access and Concierge

  • Remote integration with Access Control, Intercom and CCTV

  • Integration with all major intercom brands

  • Accepting and managing in-coming deliveries

  • Controlling site access and exits such as gates, barriers, and parking

  • Visual verification and ID checking

  • Regular CCTV building tours during ‘lockdown’ periods

  • Direct links to emergency services

  • Documenting and reporting on activity

Normally installed at electric gates, turnstiles, lifts, barriers or at door entrances, we use an intercom system interfaced access controls and CCTV to enable us to request credentials and visually verify every visitor.

ICTS Control Rooms offer:

  • UPS and generator back up

  • Direct communication to the emergency services

  • CCTV archiving

  • Highly secured facility protected from attack

  • IP Hub fully resilient network

  • BS 8418 / BS5979 Cat II accredited

  • Sentinel Plus monitoring platform

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