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We combine engineering excellence, industry leading technologies and fully accredited monitoring facilities to create smart and scalable security systems and intelligent monitoring solutions.


CCTV Monitoring and Audio Challenge

The expertise of our operators and our high standard CCTV monitoring services, gives our clients peace of mind that their people, property and assets are safe and secure. 

Images and alerts are transmitted from the monitored site to our Alarm Receiving Centres. Using specialist alarm handling platforms such as Sentinel and Immix, our operators can access all CCTV cameras to undertake a visual tour. 

Through effective communication with installer partners and site personnel, our solutions help minimise false alarms and unnecessary calls to the emergency services or key holders. Site installed speakers throughout the site enable us to audio challenge and issue warning messages to intruders or staff. 

Our operators are trained to assess whether the incident needs escalating and deploy emergency services as required. Images are recorded and safely stored within our purpose-built, secure on-site data centre.

Want to see our Alarm Receiving Centre and Remote Video Response Centre in action? We’d be delighted to show you how we operate. Get in touch for more information and to arrange a visit.

Cloud-based Remote Monitoring and Surveillance

Video Monitoring is no longer about reviewing footage from the past through aged systems, it’s increasingly about real time analysis and response using video combined with AI within applications that can recognise threats and track people faces and more.

Our Alarm Receiving and Video Surveillance Centre monitors a diversity of systems and environments, every second of every day. Security accredited operators monitor and verify all threats providing immediate audio intervention or emergency response as required.  Potential applications include:

  • Railways & Transport Hubs

  • Data Centres

  • Commercial facilities & Retail

  • Large and small office buildings

  • Storage locations

  • Power stations

  • Construction sites

  • Schools & Colleges

  • Warehouses

  • Hospitals

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