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ReadyToGo is a universally applicable web solution that automates the process of verifying travel and health documents to provide airlines and passengers with a fast and seamless process from home to gate.



  • Restores traditional check in processes left dormant by the pandemic

  • Ideal platform to address other compelling events that may impact travel

  • Informs passenger of up to date travel requirements and verifies they are clear to travel

  • Allows airlines to manage conditional passengers by exception before arrival at the airport

  • Provides evidential means for airlines to address potential non-compliance fines

  • Incorporates advanced AI and Optical Character Recognition technology for fully automate document verification no matter the destination

  • Integrates seamlessly with legacy check in and booking processes

  • Reduces passenger handling costs

  • Scalable and integrates will all leading Departure Control Systems

  • Supports individuals and groups on single, connections and return journeys


The solution offers airlines a highly configurable and rapidly deployable modular solution for verifying passengers are clear to travel prior to arrival at the airport, reducing airport queues, staff handling costs and the risk of compliance fines as international travel resumes.

ReadyToGo integrates with the leading health wallets including the EU Greenpass, enabling airlines to automate the verification of travel and health documentation and credentials, with a platform that works seamlessly with all traditional check-in and booking processes and also provides the evidential means to where possible address any non-compliance fines.

It is ideal as an enhancement to existing TravelDoc services and is also effective as a standalone add-on or within integrated airline or SMART Airport applications where a configurable and modular platform is required.

Uniquely combining machine learning and optical character recognition technology with one of the most powerful immigration and health rules engines globally, and updated daily direct from official sources, ReadyToGo provides airlines and passengers with the accuracy, speed and certainty they require to manage the complexities of travel today.

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