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SMARTAPP is quick and easy (cloud-based) self-service check-in solution for airports and carriers using traditional 'common-use' self-service systems.



  • Reduces passenger processing time by 35%

  • Full check-in, with document check, boarding pass and bag tag printing only takes 20 seconds and can be made entirely touchless

  • Fully mobile and can operate on battery power for up to 12 hours of operation

  • White label options and multiple languages. Cloud-based and fast deployment via DCS check-in web service

  • Can be used as part of a self-bag drop solution, as it comes embedded with TravelDoc, IES's automated document check software

  • Alternative to costly CUSS and CUTE


SMARTAPP is quick and easy (cloud-based) self-service check-in solution, uniquely designed to solve the issues faced by airports and carriers using traditional common use self-service systems. 

Combining proven software and hardware to deliver a simpler self-service solution for carriers, SMARTAPP provides trouble free check-in for passengers. and is ideal for environments where space is at a premium and check-in counters are limited. 

SMARTAPP reduces costs and increases competitive edge and is avaialble is highly configurable packages and flexible commercial models. The system requires no proprietary systems, whch makes it open and scalable without complex integration and deployable via web link interfacing with AEA specification peripherals.

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