Passenger Security Screening

The screening of checkpoints needs proactive management and supervision to maintain regulatory compliance and staff competency. The smooth running of checkpoint security plays a vital role in the passengers’ overall airport experience.

ICTS Deutschland uses proven quality control and staffing models for monitoring, tracking and measuring performance to enhance service levels. Our checkpoint screeners are handpicked with the help of a computerized psychometric testing system called CADET. CADET guarantees that candidates have the right set of skills and the right approach to the job. This careful matching results in a particularly low staff turnover rate.

The screeners are trained to the highest level and have access to a range of valuable resources and training programs. These basic and recurrent training programs use Eagle - a computer-based training (CBT) platform developed by ICTS Europe’s technological subsidiary. It is with Eagle that specific courses such as those for X-ray screeners are run.

By effectively distributing duties, investing in training, and mentoring staff regularly, we ensure the delivery of a professional and excellent level of service, which benefits the passenger and facilitates their airport experience.