More Information on SmartPoint

SmartPoint offers a fast, hassle-free passenger screening experience, consisting of a simple 5-stage process:

  1. Plan. SmartPoint’s work-builder report determines how many security lanes should be open throughout the day.
  2. Track. SmartPoint identifies queue build-up in real time, allowing the airport to react immediately by shifting resources to free bottlenecks.
  3. Report & Share. SmartPoint monitors the level of passenger satisfaction in real time. It also compares the forecasted passenger arrival time against the actual data, as a way of validating the planning process.
  4. Analyse. SmartPoint offers high-level analysis, allowing the airport to fully control its passenger experience and make informed operational and commercial decisions. Some examples: correlation between wait time and level of passenger satisfaction, cost-benefit analysis of employing additional staff to reduce wait time against the potential gains in additional revenues at the duty-free shops.
  5. Improve. SmartPoint works in a cycle, with the analysis of the reports being fed back into the planning phase to facilitate continuous improvement.

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