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Located in one of the EU member states, a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) needed an online solution to help them effectively certify all X-Ray screeners that are based in airports throughout the country.



The main server of the system was deployed behind the firewall of the CAA to ensure the highest level of security. Employers of X-Ray screeners, such as airports and security companies, throughout the country are required to ensure all screeners pass a series of threat detection performance tests before becoming operational.

Using the Eagle7 admin system, the test parameters were defined by the CAA. With the parameters set, our team created a specific government-approved series of simulation-based threat detection tests that serve to certify all X-Ray screeners nationwide.

The results of the tests are automatically shared with the CAA and a certificate is issued by the system to candidates who successfully pass the test. As mandated by the law, screeners must undertake recertification every two years. Eagle7 automatically generates a reminder to the local (airport level) admin for each user before the current certification expires to ensure compliance.

The Results

We helped our client:

  • Roll out threat detection performance tests for X-Ray screeners nationwide

  • Improve how they track and manage screener certification

  • Ensure compliance with regulations

  • Automate the recertification notification process

  • Enable quality assurance and monitoring.


The solution needed to:

  • Be web-based, yet secured on the highest level as dictated by government standards

  • Easy to use

  • Deployable in multiple airports, yet allowing centralized data collection and control

  • Capable of serving tens of thousands of users yearly

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