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ICTS Cyprus sponsored and secured the International Badminton tournament ‘Cyprus U17 & Youth International 2022’, which was held on December 15-18 in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus.


ICTS Cyprus Sponsors International Badminton Event

This bi-yearly event was organised by the Cyprus Badminton Federation (CBF). Approximately 180 athletes from 12 countries participated at this 4-day event.

“It was the second time that we took part in this prestigious sports tournament this year, 2022. ICTS is a major sponsor and supporter of Cyprus Badminton Federation games and we are proud to offer guarding services during tournament events”, said Panagiotis Fistedis, Managing Director, SE Europe & Cyprus – ICTS Europe.

The Chairman of CBD, thanked all the Contributors and Organisations of the event as well as its Sponsors and Supporters. Among others, the chairman expressed special mention and thanks to ICTS staff who, as he specifically refers, were the "vigilant guards" of the International Tournament, strengthening the feeling of security for all participants.


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