Our People

ICTS Europe’s service ethos is based on teamwork, and the company strives to create a workplace where staff are valued and feel valued, and where they are given the opportunity to achieve their professional goals.

A thorough recruitment process backed by excellent training programs ensures that ICTS Europe staff are of high calibre and professional at their duties. We select our employees for their professional and courteous manner, their powers of observation, their ability to intervene and resolve conflicts, and their ability to respond quickly and effectively to emergency situations. Our staff are available around the clock and are supported by experienced supervisors and managers.

Our staff are:

  • part of a dynamic organization. Leveraging on 30 years’ experience in the security market, we bring a forward-thinking approach to the security business.
  • trained to high standards. We provide security training that meets or exceeds local standards, followed by ‘On the Job Training’ (OJT).
  • uniformed. The ICTS uniform ensures that our people look highly presentable in their professional capacity. It also gives them a sense of pride and symbolizes the integrity and commitment with which they do their jobs.
  • flexible and adaptable. Our staff are available to work full-time or part-time, either in a public-facing role or behind the scenes.
  • experienced and diverse in background. We hire experienced staff of all ages, with a variety of backgrounds, to ensure a strong and diverse workforce.

Our commitment to you, the Client, is twofold: the very best security staff and the highest level of customer service.